VisibleArea File Icons

70 file icons - size 48x48 pixels - for the most common file types

Typographic baseline grid with LESS

27 Aug 2011 by Arthur Clemens in Design tagged CSS, typography, LESS
For a couple of projects I have used the Baseline Rhythm Calculator to create a balanced vertical rhythm on the page. As explains: “Vertical space is metered in a different way to horizontal ...

MySQL and international characters in a LIKE search

01 Aug 2011 by Arthur Clemens in Code tagged MySQL, utf8
Even if your MySQL table has a unicode character set, you will run into problems when doing a LIKE search. For instance WHERE myfield LIKE 'a%' will also find strings that start with #269;. Instead you ...

Dictionary wiki: integrating speed with audit trail

I have updated to combine the database with a wiki.

Installing MySQL on Mac Snow Leopard

27 Jul 2011 by Arthur Clemens in Mac tagged MySQL, Perl, DBI, DBD
Tips how to install MySQL on Snow Leopard and have it work with Perl

New logo for Foswiki

Foswiki logo mark.png
Although Foswiki is now a two year old project since we forked from TWiki, we still were using the quickly created logo by one of the devs the blue pill in the masthead, lovingly called

Homeward Path

This text has first appeared as part of a small Interaction Design pattern library, in 2003. See also: Site Map. Pattern: Homeward path. Also known as: Breadcrumb, Trail marker. Yahoo offers a double path ...

Site Map

This text has first appeared as part of a small Interaction Design pattern library, in 2003. See also: Homeward Path. Pattern: Site Map. Also known as: Sitemap, Table of Contents, Contents, Site guide ...

Javascript Undo Manager

For an online app I was looking for an existing undo manager in Javascript. My first place to shop was at jQuery, and although it looks like one had been created as plugin for jQuery, only an info page ...

SoundField is now an Open Source project

sum soundfield.png
I have rewritten SoundField, first created 10(!) years ago when I was at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam, as native Mac application. The source code is freely available at GitHub. Description SoundField ...
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